Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's been going on this week...and then I am staying caught up!

I am supposed to be getting ready for Cub Scouts right now, (I am filling in for the Cub Master while she is out of town, and she was teaching the Webelos tonight), but I couldn't resist starting this post. I am going to catch up and try to stay caught up. So, here are a few of the things that have been going on around here lately...

*Aaron and Jake got to go to a Panthers game (not this weekend but the weekend before it)-a first for both of them. The best part: it was free. The worst part: the Panthers are pitiful so they lost, but they still had an awesome time. Jake documented it by bringing Aaron's old work camera (I love him, but I couldn't bring myself to let him take my beloved camera) and I will post some pictures soon. I can't find...actually, I haven't looked for...the cord that lets me down load them to the computer. I will search for it soon and have Jake do a Panthers Post.

*Conference weekend was great. I took tons of notes. I know it comes out in the Ensign next month but it keeps me paying attention. And there was so much to pay attention to. I feel spiritually feed and this week has been great because of it. I am working on keeping the feeling with me!

*Saturday morning we were supposed to meet at the church to clean at 9. We got there, waited until 9:15 and headed out, because no one showed up and we don't have a key. On the way home we saw a yard sale sign and decided to check it out...and then we saw another one. We scored some AWESOME deals. Jake ended up with 3 books for $1, a tree house and beds for his action figures for $2. I am know declaring this a yard sale Christmas. Any of our family avert your eyes because these are the "before" pictures of your gifts...I have some great ideas....

I got this basket for $1. We have very little storage in the bathroom so I thought this would help and it fit perfectly!

*We are still looking for a good pretzel recipe, the one I had was only okay. But we sure had fun making them! (We didn't get to do it during Conference so we ended up doing it for family home evening on Monday.)

They were a little hard...But still yummy. We will keep trying.

*As I walked into work yesterday morning I said a quick prayer in my heart to keep a positive attitude and look for the good in everyone. About 5 minutes after walking through the door I didn't have to look far to see the good I was hoping for. There is a 84 year old grumpy old man that you can't help but love that comes in regularly. Well, not as much as he used to. You see he had cancer and lost part of his colon and one kidney last year. He was on the mend when they found out a couple of months ago that it had spread to his liver. He is back on chemo and we see him every couple of weeks now. He used to complain about everything, but lately he just says there is no use complaining and he doesn't say very much at all. Well, yesterday I turned on the U-Scan and went to help the cashier bag while I waited for a customer. Guess who was in line? The sweet, grumpy man was, right behind a lady that I swear was an angel. I was able to witness this sweet lady take the roast and can of soup he was going to buy and pay for it for him. After some fussing and arguing, he hugged her and left with a smile on his face, saying that he felt blessed today. This wonderful lady then told us how she felt she needed to do that because that man was blessed before, but didn't realize it. We talked for a few minutes about the Savior and our beliefs, hugged and went on with the day. Did you know things like that happen at grocery stores? They do. Not every day, but just when you really need it. In fact that is the 2nd time this week I have seen some one pay for an elderly person. Miracles happen all around us if we just look for them.

*We got to babysit Morgan and Cole while Norb and Elizabeth went to a wedding. Jake had a ball playing hide and seek, and chase with them while I weeded some in the yard. I don't usually like to weed, but it is amazing how much you enjoy it while listening to joyful kiddo squeals in the background and thinking about the amazing Conference talks that I had been listening too.

*Aaron had 4 tests last week and he has gotten back 2 of them. He got A's on both of them. Way to go nerd! :)

*Jake's teacher sent him a post card that made me realize I really need to let go of some of my worries. I don't know her well but she is obviously a wonderful person because she thinks Jake is awesome. :) She gave Jake a special assignment because she knew he could handle it. He is the book buddy to an autistic boy. She sent him postcard praising him. I needed to see it more than Jake did. I am going to stop listening to other peoples past complaints about her and give her the benefit of the doubt. Jake said school has been awesome the past few days. The problems seem to be dissolving and I feel sooooo much better. I wish we could home school him, and I feel like we should...but now is not the time. I know he will be home schooled at some point. I always have felt that. I am being patient and trying to follow the path the Lord has for us, rather than the one I want.
*Jake is headed to Hogwarts and he can't wait! A friend from church (Makena...spelling?) is having a birthday party and her mom is the queen of parties! I am going to have to step up the birthday celebrations after this one, I can tell already. (Especially after this year being a no party year...)

This is a picture of the "after" from last night. This is when the fire was put out! I didn't think Aaron would be very happy with me if I took a picture instead of getting the water (we have no baking soda! Add that to the grocery list..) to put the fire out...Luckily our kabobs were saved but it took awhile to put the fire out. The food wasn't on fire it was something under the grate...
*I usually put on a head band or put my hair back in some other way for work because it always gets all messed up anyway...Today I actually pulled out the flat iron and wore it down and it didn't go too crazy by the end of my shift. When we got home, Jake asked me if I got my hair cut. I told him I didn't. Then he asked me if I dyed it. Nope. I asked if this line of questioning meant it looked good or bad...He said "It looks beautiful!" And being that he knows me so well and knew I was thinking wow, it must look really bad normally, he added " it always does!", patting my arm and smiling sweetly. He's good...Too good. Where did he learn to say what a women wants to hear?

*I am making progress with my chap stick (not the brand necessarily, that is what I call all lip balm, and I have tried them all! That could make an interesting post....My version of Good Housekeeping's seal of approval.) dependency. I went about at least 7 hours with out it. To some that is no big deal-for me it is a triumph! I forget to put it in my pocket when I went to work. On my break I checked the car and there was none to be found, and I had my wallet in the console so I didn't have my purse which usually contains no less than 3 different kinds. I could have bought some I know, but I had done that a few days before when I forgot it. I did it. I survived. That is progress one step at a time.

And score! We ended with only 6 boys at scouts, so we roasted marshmallows with the Bears. Much better than what I had planned.