Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An update...on not much really

We are getting into a routine. I have only been working for, what like 7 months now?... and we are just now figuring it out. Some days it is more fun than others. Some days it just seems like the routine is all we did. No fun thrown in there to make it memorable. Its kind of been one of those weeks so far...You know what I mean right? The house is clean. Except for our bedroom that is a disaster. It is buried in unfolded clean laundry and a pile I have started in the corner for a yard sale...or maybe just a large bonfire...Depends on my mood. And in the middle of the mess I decided to change out our summer to winter clothes...

We didn't take our family picture like I was hoping this past week, but I did manage to get the camera out for one picture. Want to see it? Pretty sad:

This is a picture of what 3 boxes of Mac & Cheese look like on a Friday evening when Jake had 2 friends over to hang out. This is after the bag of chips was all but devoured after school. We have entered the eating us out of house and home phase. Don't worry I made them eat some mandarin oranges too, to get a some nutrition. Don't judge me people. I needed to go Grocery shopping. Now back to the routine...I have 10 minutes to get ready for work!!! I better go and dig out my work clothes from the unfolded clothes in one of the laundry baskets in my room...I will actually post something good next time. :)