Saturday, October 2, 2010

First session on General Conference...Wow

So far (as usual) Conference is the best ever! Here are a couple of things that hit me and I want to remember in 20 years....
*The Prophet thanked my parents and Jake declared he was going on a mission (he has said it before of course, but I think he really knows it now.).
*I feel like the speakers were close friends mentioning things they know are important in my life right now.
*It is official, I don't have to be busy. Thank you President Uchtdorf! I always knew it was true.
*Jake is listening when he is laying on the floor playing with legos and action figures. He really enjoyed Elder Costa's accent, especially when he said murmur. That is what Aaron said he said at least. :) I loved his talk, especially: The Prophets teach us what Gods priorities are. Love that.
*I re-learned that attitude is what matters most when teaching.
*I remembered that I am going to make a point everyday to feel the way I do when I listen to Conference. I always say it but this time I am really going to do it.