Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

A 34 year tradition died this Halloween. We didn't even carve a pumpkin this year. Who doesn't carve a pumpkin at Halloween?!?! I am assuming I carved one every year of my life-Mom you can confirm this one for me. Technically it would be a 33 year tradition because this would be my 34th...) We decorated some cupcakes to make up for it. We just ran out of time and on Friday when we thought we would buy one, there were none to buy...

The festivities started Friday night with Trunk-or-Treat at Church. I brought my camera but didn't really use it...I of course managed to snap one picture of Jake. The adults were supposed to come as bugs, so 30 minutes before I pinned some dots to my red jacket and made antennae out of beaded Christmas ornaments. Aaron put on his Spyder brand Jacket and called it good.

Jake at Trunk-or-Treat
Jake traded candy with another kiddo to get these Twizzlers for me. :)
Yes, Aaron meant for his eyes to be closed. Jake is pointing to where it says "Spyder" on his jacket.

Saturday we went to Morgan's birthday Party, which was a costume party. Jake was the big kid there that entertained the little ones. He is crazy. He got to decorate a pumpkin so that kind of kept the pumpkin tradition alive right? This is a picture of us on our way to the party. Costumes were mandatory so I went as a Bi-lo cashier, with my SC hat on(they won this weekend!)...After the party he went to his buddy Corey's house to hang out and then went trick or treating. (Corey's neighborhood decided to do it Saturday night.)

This picture kind of cracks me up. Jake's smile is so funny!
On Sunday we decorated our pumpkin cupcakes while watching the "The Great Pumpkin", and Jake wisely decided not to trick or treat. He already had 2 nights worth of candy any way so it worked out perfectly. We turned off the outside lights and not one person rang the door bell! (We handed out all the candy at Trunk-or-Treat and I wasn't going to buy any more) This is the cupcake that Jake had all decorated and then some how dropped because he couldn't take his eyes off the Charlie Brown special...

The first few were fun but then it just became time consuming so we just dumped the sprinkles (or jimmies depending on what part of the country you are from), on.