Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday: Jake declared it one of the best days ever (and the rest of the week)

Why? Because we pretty much did nothing...but hang out all day as a family. That doesn't happen too often lately with the crazy schedules we all have, so we enjoyed it ALOT!

Here are a few things that made it so fun:

-We rented Kirby's Epic Yarn (our every once in a while treat that only costs $3 for 24 hours), an AWESOME new game for the Wii. It is rated "E" for everyone and it is adorable. It is kind of like Mario Brothers, where you go across the screen jumping over and dodging all sorts of things, except you are these cute little guys made out of yarn and you turn into cars, dolphins, tanks, etc.. Everything is made out of yarn or different kind of fabrics (adorable), and you earn beads that you can then go use to buy stuff at the store to decorate your own room. RENT IT! You will love it. It is great for boys or girls and it is seriously ADORABLE! We played it A LONG TIME...That is why we only do this occasionally, so we won't go crossed eyed from staring at the TV so long.

-We laughed hysterically at each others push ups! (Jake likes to stick his butt up in the air and just lower down his lower half and my version includes falling on my face.) Aaron trained us and it was a great work out and pretty funny. So, funny that I almost peed my pants one time I was laughing so hard!..Okay, so maybe I had to run to the bathroom REALLY quickly because I did pee just a little...I know that is too much information but that is just how hard we are laughing and in 20 years when we look back at this I don't want Aaron and Jake saying I lied! :)

-We were talking about how it is getting cold out and Jake mentioned his head gets cold at night. Aaron told him to "Put a tuke on"-that is what he calls a winter hat. Jake's response was: "What's a tukon?" I am really not sure why but we laughed (hysterically-it was just one of those days), and said it a million more times laughing like it was the first time he said it. You had to be there...

There are a lot more things that made it fun and we actually did accomplish we few things around the house, but mostly we just spent time together. I love Saturdays that are lazy days.

Other things that happened this week:

-We sold the truck! Yippee!!!

-Jake got a wart on his thumb frozen. He was soooo worried was going to hurt because Della (cousin) told him that she cried for a couple of hours when she had hers frozen off. I tried to remind him that Della had several and one was on her foot which is more painful, but he was still concerned. I bribed him by telling him I would take him to get not 1, but 2 Junior Frosty's (the 2 put together equal a medium-if that. The juniors are the perfect little treat that is delicious and you don't have to feel guilty because it can't be that many calories. Thanks Nana and Papa for the coupons for Halloween!!!! Jake loves this tradition! ) after. Turns out it was a piece of cake and only hurt a little.

-I had a meeting on Thursday night for Primary. It was so great! The Stake leaders did a great job and we sang the new song that goes along with the theme for Primary next year: "I know the Scriptures are True". It is going to be so awesome and the song is going to be a tear jerker when the children sing it. Every year there is one song that just gets me. That you can just hear the children's little testimonies put into words and this is going to be it I can tell already. I love Primary. :)

-Jake had Tuesday off and luckily Aaron doesn't have school that day because I had no idea (until last Friday) that they didn't have school on election day! They had fun hanging out together.

-I really can't remember anything else other than the normal stuff that went on...Oh yeah! Jake is staying after school on Mondays to go to the library and learn how to do pod casts. He has two up on the school website right now. If you want to hear them you can go to: and look under Media Center. Once it pulls up look under Media Programs and click on Media Resources. Then you will click on Podcast Parade where it says: November News Mrs. Plyler's classroom. One of them is Jake and his friend Ben. The other one is just Jake. He loves it! He also gets to go into the library on Monday mornings and be a monitor. He wears a badge around his neck and has to tell people to be quiet. :)

-I am going to post some funny reenactments of dumb things people do when they are checking out at the U-Scan. I took pictures of another cashier when we were slow one day (the last couple week days of the month are kind of slow), and laughed at how funny (and dumb) the things that people do are, but how SO many people do it. I think they are intimidated by the machine or something...That is the nice version of what I think about people that use the U-Scan. :)