Saturday, October 24, 2015

WOW Again...

Wow at how long it has been since I have blogged...I spent a ton of time catching up on all things Harmon over the summer, only to take a vacation from blogging for over a month...closer to two if I am being honest! I kept wanting to blog but sometimes being completely lazy just seemed like the way to go. Now I am back and I am going to post some random pictures to get the ball rolling again!

A collage of Jake. Just because I love his face.

This collage of pictures from left to right: We have had some chilly fall days and that means grilled cheese sandwich's, Aaron and Jake are enjoying their man cave, me wearing a pair of pants that were too tight to wear last year, Jake drawing doorknobs for his drawing class, crazy hair day at co-op, egg holes for breakfast, the tree that fell down in our backyard, Sadie enjoying sleeping on the couch in the man cave since she isn't allowed on the one in the living room, "school lunch" on the porch.

Dog sitting Lucy Lou, a "come and get it" gun sign on a truck, and the snack that Jake loves and that I think is totally gross (just so we can remember what yucky things teenage boys like, twenty years from now).

The fixer upper is still (very slowly it seems...but that is just because there was so much to do) being fixed up.

This is how you can tell it is time to go grocery shopping at our house.  A before and after.

And some more fixer upper pictures.  The bathroom is coming together!

More to much more.