Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Greatest Generation

Homeschooling rocks!  My friend called me up (a few weeks ago...because you know I only blog after I have an overwhelming amount of things to blog about) one Wednesday morning (I just remembered it was the end of September because Aaron had the week off but he was at the fixer upper house) and told me that there was a caravan of WWII vehicles coming through town and they were stopping at the mall for lunch.  We declared an impromptu field trip and were off!  We made posters because this was put on by Veterans and we wanted to thank them.  We actually had people come up and ask if they could take our pictures. They said we must be homeschoolers and said we were lucky to be there to witness this. We wholeheartedly agreed and enjoyed the parade as they went by with a police escort.

It was so awesome!  Jake got some dog tags and we got to spend a few minutes with a WWII Veteran, Bill Kreider, and Jake took a picture with him. We felt so blessed to be able to shake his hand and thank him for what he did for our country. The Veteran's nephew was there and he said we were making history by spending time with a true living national treasure. It was a wonderful experience that, because of the age of our WWII Veterans, is getting harder to have. Mr. Krieder was riding a motorcycle that was like the one he road in the war as a MP. He, even in his late 80's was riding it hundreds of miles! It was so amazing to hear them tell us that the reason for them traveling through Spartanburg was because they were recreating the trip that some of our soldiers made during WWII to test the equipment they would be using. This is another memory for the books! This was an opportunity of a life time that we couldn't have had if Jake was in public school.  We are the lucky ones!