Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Beach

It has been a long hot summer and we didn't really take any trips.  We were talking about that a few weeks ago with Mom and we decided we should take a quick beach trip.  Last year when the older Powell kiddos were visiting we went to Long Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach and was a really nice place and it was well priced.  Mom looked it up and found out that this past week was already considered off season so we booked it!  Forty eight hours at the beach was just what we needed!  I of course took a ton of pictures...Here are about half a ton!

We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel on the way-a road trip must.  Jake decided to get hot summer! Hahaha!

(I uploaded these pictures and started this post way back when we went to the beach...which was the Wednesday before Labor Day...Better late than never right? And it goes with out saying that I am not rereading or editing...)

He also used his debit card for the first time and bought a slinky.  Bringing back the childhood memories!

Jake did some school on the way.  He missed two days of school the week of his birthday because he was sick and Aaron is taking the last week of September off so we had to get some work done on the trip there and back!
This was the view from our balcony!

Aunt Sheila approved!

First picture on the beach!!!

And a couple of us-ies (think selfies but us)!

I took a break after a little while to take a few pictures of Nee and Jake catching waves (and because my eyes were burning from the combination of salt water and sunscreen). Aunt Sheila was on shark duty...and there were sharks. We got called out by the lifeguard because he saw at least two breach the water.

I am no scientist, but I can tell you exactly why there has been so many shark attacks this summer: BECAUSE THE FISH ARE EVERY WHERE!!!  I have never been to the beach and seen so many schools of fish, so LARGE, so close. Their ripples were EVERY where around us ALL THE TIME....and then you would see a bunch of them jump out of the water ten feet away...and there is a good chance they were jumping to get away from a shark.  It was pretty creepy!!!

The wind was so strong it you didn't even have to throw or kick the went when it wanted to!  Mom and I watched Jake and Aunt Sheila chase it a reallllllllyyyyy lonnnnngggg way one time because the wind just kept taking it.  It was pretty funny.

Mom was going to take Aunt Sheila and me but we wanted it with the beach behind us not the hotel. So we just turned around and Mom snapped the picture...As I am typing it, it doesn't seem that funny but it was!  I guess you had to be there!  We will have to see if we laugh about it in 20 years.

We had a good time watching a big storm roll in.

The people on the beach must not have seen it coming...

This picture doesn't even do it justice.  It was clear and bright to the right and to the left there were ominous clouds and darkness.
We decided to eat lunch on the deck and do a little storm watching.

The wind was crazy!!!  I think this must be how trump does his hair. Blow it all forward and then you just flop it back.
Jake was leaning into the wind and it was holding him up!

This is the "during" the storm....
...and this is the after! Too much rain too quickly!

We too some time to relax during the storm.

And then we headed to Friendly's (we never knew there was one in SC!!! A new tradition has been born when we go to the beach!)

It was a nice quick trip! Two nights is just about right for the beach.

On the way out of town we stopped by what we were told is a local restaurant that was worth stopping for lunch. We can now check it off our list...but we probably won't go back. Kind of pricey for just so-so food.  It looks better than it was...

After some school, Jake enjoyed a movie...I am not sure what else happened because I fell asleep.  Gotta love a road trip!