Saturday, October 24, 2015

Geeks Unite!

My geeks are so spoiled!  Aaron and Jake both collect comic books about Star Wars. They love them!  I don't get it-but good for them! They would love to collect others, but like any thing you collect, it can get pricey, so they stick with one comic each (and then every now and then special ones that come out..there are a lot of special Star Wars comics coming out right now, as you can imagine). They just happen to the be the heirs to a large collection of old comics. Manfred Martin (Jeremy's dad. In case someone is reading this in five generations and doesn't know who Jeremy is: he married Aaron's sister Ranee. Jeremy is our brother-in-law) had two sons, but neither of them shared his passion for comic all. Fast forward a few decades and Manfred heard Jake talking about comics and he decided it was time to pass his on to someone who would enjoy them. Then he heard Aaron liked them too.  These pictures represent the third batch of comics Manfred has given to my guys!!  It was fun watching them speak geek together and watch three generations have so much in common. 

I guess it is true: It is all about who you know.