Friday, April 4, 2014

Random Photos that I never posted...

We are a quarter of the way through 2014 already!!! Time flies! These are some pictures I never got around to posting, forgot about, or just didn't make the cut when I was blogging. Lots of pictures and just a few words. :)

Sadie loves Jake's bed...even when his room is a disaster...which is most of the time.
Jake, Ben, and Saku went to the airport with Papa and Jake took along my camera.
Ben is a plane guy!!!
Best selfie ever.
This is the infamous oil spot in DC...Curse you! 
Lego's work as book marks too.
Dog sitting for Nana.  Jake and doggie cuddle time.
Snow days!  Jake and Carter...
Jake and Cooper
Snowy, wet dogs that want to come in.  I don't think so....Sorry Penny and Sadie.
Shark pads after steam mopping when it snows and you are dog sitting...
Sadie and Lucy Lu...Good buddies.
Lucy loves Jake...and vice versa. :)
Science labs at co-op.
Crockpot over flow before magic eraser....
And after the magic eraser.  Best invention ever!!!
Lego creation...(Jake's edit: Lego Screaming Death with golden armor..compared to a Lego person)
Grilled cheese and Ramen....Hit the spot on a cold day.
More science...
Just because he is adorable.
Science outside....Wait why am I the one with all the books?
Lego build for Lego Club.  It floats!
A flower Jake picked for me...
Another science experiment...

OOooooooo, AHHHHHhhh...pretty colors.
Hello 2nd quarter of 2014!  Here is to keeping up with posting better in this one! :)