Friday, April 4, 2014

Dinner at the Nguyen's

We had a great time (back in the middle of March) trying Pho for the first time at the Nguyen's house with the Robinson's. Pho is a Vietnamese food and it is sooooo good!
Ladda also makes the BEST egg rolls ever...

I never knew there was such thing as fried garlic but I will be stocking my pantry with it from now on!!!
Ladda gave us the low down on all the good stuff we could get at the Asian grocery store.  We decided we are going to go on a field trip there some day with her. :)
Ladda's friend Dee was a pro at cooking it and putting it together too. 

To die for!...
Ladda even made fried rice with Asian sausage in it...because the big serving size bowl of Pho, and multiple egg rolls just weren't enough! :)

The kiddos were having a fun time on Minecraft while we were stuffing ourselves.  They stopped long enough to eat at an Asian table (one of those circular trays that you sit on the the floor around) that is so cool.  I will have to get a picture next time.
After we ate we played Headbanz and laughed our heads off!

We all thought it was hysterical (it's a Mormon thing) that Jason got church right after he had beer.
We had so much fun and can't wait to get together again ASAP!  I some times dream of those egg rolls....Except not right now because we just went to Bronco's and stuffed ourselves with yummy Mexican food (Jake is at a friend's birthday party so we had a date night).  Aaron doesn't like egg rolls usually and he ate at least 10 of them that night.  Ladda you are an  amazing cook and friend!