Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Word Smart...and a few things I have accomplished.

Ahhhh....It is so nice to have accomplished something.  It has been about a week since I have accomplished anything other than being sick and getting better.  That is important but you know what I mean.  I probably over did a little...but I vacuumed the living room (after picking it up), the dining room (after kind of picking it up), and the kitchen after cleaning it.  And I mopped the floor.  I folded a load of wash and put another one in.  I helped Jake memorize the Scout Law, and made a menu/grocery list.  I took breaks and put my leg up and  I am feeling pretty good.  Hopefully I can get back to the gym in a couple of days.  I am saying that as if I was some regular before...That is something I am working on!
 I also sat outside in the glorious Spring weather (with my leg up) while Jake jumped on the trampoline.   And then Jake unwrapped the spicket from it's winter protection and screwed in the hose and Sadie loved her first spray of the year!  Spring is finally here!  We skipped co-op today because the church we meet in is a winding labyrinth of staircases and long halls that I just wasn't ready to try to traverse.  I know I did a lot on my feet at home but I worked and then sat and propped my leg up.  (Keep in mind this is my list of accomplishments...Jake did school.  He started the day with math outside on the porch.  Gotta love Spring!)

Jake is outside with Papa Harmon pressure washing the porch and I just read a little bit of the birthday present I got for Tina (this is a belated gift...Her birthday was back in November...) and a book I got myself (after we read them we can switch).  It is a book by Dr. Kathy Koch (pronounced Cook).  She spoke at the The Great Homeschoool Convention (which I am still going to blog about) and she is AMAZING!!!
  I was inspired by her!  In the little bit I was reading and based on things she talked about at one of her seminars I attended I have learned I am word smart.  Here are some characteristics of a word smart person:  reads for fun (yes), reads for information (yep), accurate oral reading (read to Jake all the time),  interest in vocabulary words (I am in love with my 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary), write for fun (doing it now), writes to inform (well maybe), writes to engage the reader (I'd like to think so), enjoys talking (mmhmm)....etc.  I am word smart.  I very much enjoy words and using them.  There are 8 intelligences: word, logic, picture, music, body, nature, people, and self.  I am sure I will find I am some of them also but for the moment I KNOW I am word smart.  I can't wait to read more and learn about what "smarts" Jake and Aaron and everybody are!  How exciting is it to know how you are "smart" and then go on to use those powers for good....I am word smart. :)  What kind of smarts do you have?