Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I am alive...barely.

This should be a post about how amazing The Great Homeschool Convention but it's not.  I don't have that kind of energy right now.  I am waiting to go to the doctor to have him check a burn I have on my leg....which is a longish story.

On Monday we went to co-op and then to Chick-fil-a with a few friends.  A few minutes after we ate I felt a little dizzy and the inside of my left thigh started tightening up.  We were going to friends house after that so I figured it would go didn't.  Long story short I had diarrhea and threw up A LOT at their house.  I had to call my parents for them to come pick us up because I couldn't drive.  I have spent all but maybe four hours since then in my bed.  The worse my headache got the worse my muscle tensed in my thigh and my sweet sister-in-law, the girl Erin,  picked up a heating pad for me.  It immediately helped my thigh so later in the middle of the night when my calf started cramping I thought it would help.  I put it on my bare skin and having taken Tylenol PM, I promptly fell back to sleep, sitting up, with the heating pad on my leg for a few minutes.  I was so sick I didn't even realize I had burned it until the next day.  Fast forward a day and I am sitting on the couch waiting for my mom to pick me up to take me to the doctor to get the burn checked.  I still have a fever but I don't think it is from being sick any more.  I am sitting on the couch because if I lay back down I will not get back up any time soon.  It took me an hour to take a shower and get dressed because I can barely walk.  I had Jake put a chair in the hallway so that I could have a place to stop and rest from my bedroom to the living room so I wouldn't keel over from the stabbing pain in my leg!

On the bright side I have only eaten a sleeve of saltines and drank water and ginger ale since Monday so if I am lucky I will lose a few pounds! :)

Now for the part where you may not want to look.  Yep I took pictures and yes I am posting them.  Let this be a lesson to everyone.  Don't use a heating pad while partially unconscious!  And let me tell you these pictures make it look good.  It is way redder than the picture makes it look and it is really swollen...

I don't usually rock the fuzzy socks with sport slides look but I am going for comfort.  Only one more hour until I have to some how make it to the car...That is a lot of steps...Pray for me!