Monday, March 31, 2014

Angels on my door step...

So, last Wednesday night I was laying in bed feeling all sad and pitiful.  The doctor said I had and infection in my lymph gland on my left thigh/groin (I told them how the pain in my inner thigh started right when I started getting dizzy then throwing up and the whole deal of burning my leg) that they found when they were doing an ultra sound on my leg to check for blood clots.  There weren't any blood clots thank goodness, but I was in bed, in pain, barely able to hobble to the bathroom (literally only a few feet away) with out crying and realizing on top of all that my period was starting (and little did I know I would have diarrhea the next day because of the huge dose of antibiotics I am on)! 

 All of the sudden my phone goes off and I get this text:

On cue I heard my favorite Primary song, Child's Prayer, being sung by the angels that were on my door step.  I was immediately in tears because I can hear them so well it was like they were standing in my room!  I needed that so much!

 I am so thankful that the Lord knows me and knows what I stand in need of.  I am thankful that the Spirit touches the hearts of those who are listening.  I am so thankful that my friend Leandra was listening when the Lord told her I needed to feel loved.  I do feel loved. :)

I didn't get to see this: person (Aaron had taken a picture of it and showed it to me.) until Friday and we just took it down today (since Papa Harmon and Jake were pressure washing the porch). 

Thank you Leandra for having an open heart that felt the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  I hope I am always listening for the quiet whispers of the Holy Ghost....I hope you are too.