Saturday, February 22, 2014

In a funk...

Me.  In a funk. It happens from time to time.  I don't feel like cleaning or cooking (in truth I hardly ever feel like cooking) or doing anything.  I thought maybe blogging would be a pick me up.  I don't really write so much any more. I just post pictures and say, "this is what we were doing in this picture"...Boring.  I guess I haven't really written because of the funk.  It has been here for months.  Not sure why.  No really stress in my life besides the stress I create. I have just been grumpy and blahhhhhhh.

There are so many things I want to do.  Paint the dinning room.  Paint the kitchen.  Paint the whole house.  Organize the whole house.  Spring clean the whole house.  Make a menu and stick to it.  Write a novel.  Bake bread.  Bake rolls.  Be skinny.  Go shopping.  Be a better teacher.  Be a better person in general.  But all these things take a mental energy I just don't have.

Life is good!  I know this.  But I can't seem to remember it when it is time to get up in the morning.  I slept in this morning and it felt good...but not really.  You know what I mean? I was groggy because I got too much sleep.

But then I decided to vacuum the living room (while Jake dusted.  Aaron has to work today to make up for one of the snow days so it is kind of like a week day for us), dining room, and the kitchen, and I am going to vacuum the rest of the house.  I cleaned the kitchen (after Jake emptied the dishwasher) and I am getting ready to scrub my poor crock pot (the outside metal part) that got bubbled over onto.  I am doing ALL the laundry today.  By "doing" I mean: washing, drying, and putting away!!!  I picked up our room and even put the clothes that have been clean and folded a basket for several day.  I cleaned our bathroom.  I am going to clean out and organize the freezer and I am going to wash the cabinets. I am going to make beef stroganoff  for dinner with a strawberry salad.  I may even make rolls from scratch...If I still can!  I am going to make banana bread and chocolate cookies.  I am going to make a menu and grocery shop.  I am going go pick out paint (which I have done a million times and just never painted.  I used to pick a color in like 5 minutes, paint, and love it...I can't do that lately), and this week I will be painting!!!  I am going to put the bookcases together that we got a couple months ago (and I have waited for forever!!!) from Ikea and I fill them with subject.  Math. History. Science. ETC!!!!

I am doing all that!!!  But right now I am going to stop and make lunch for Jake and our neighbors grandson's that are over playing.

I don't have time to be in a funk!