Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Snow Day...Again!

 We are in the middle of "Snowmageddon" here in SC.  We woke up this morning (day 2 of the storm) and it wasn't even snowing. Light flurries had just started, when Aaron headed to work, and about an hour later he called and said he was coming home.  In a matter of an hour it started coming down hard and coating the roads.  That is the beauty of the South we have snow days where the whole family gets to stay home! 
 Jake went outside to grab something from the car and check out the snow.  He wrote "Hi Mommy" on the Jeep and about 20 minutes later it was gone!
 When it snows and you are stuck in side you have to make very fattening comfort food.  It's a rule.  It may even be a law.  So, Aaron made the homes fries (Jake chopped the potatoes), bacon, and sausage.  I made the omelette's and cinnamon buns (tube not homemade...not as good obviously, but it works.  Jake frosted them). 
 Aaron acted like he was going to just keep stirring and at the last second did this...
 Yep.  We ate too much.   But it was delicious...and it is the snow day law, and we are law abiding citizen's so...we kind of had to.
Jake had to do some school this morning so we didn't head out into the snow until the late afternoon...Not because he did that much school, just because.  Jake decided out Shark box might work as a sled so we started to bundle up and get ready for the cold.

  Little did we know that it wasn't snow coming down...The freezing rain had started and it was pelting our faces.  I am almost to the point that I like to look at snow, but not so much be in it...
 Aaron acted like he was going to give me a white wash and I was nervous until he winked at me and I knew I was safe.
 Jake was his real target and Aaron hit is mark perfectly.
 Jake wanted to walk up to his friends house and the big dogs needed some exercise so we headed out...but not before I traded my hat in for a mask one like Jake's.  My neck was cold!!!  Some of my hair was sticking out from under it and it got a good coat of ice on it.  So did the dogs fur but they didn't mind because they were outside with their people and that is heaven to dogs. :)
 We got to Jake's friends house and played for maybe 10 minutes because it was that yucky out.  The snow wouldn't pack for snowballs and what else is there to do if you aren't sledding? 
 The snow is quickly turning to slush, that will be ice all over tomorrow.  It is supposed to sleet until about midnight and then turn back to snow.  I am glad I ran out this morning to get Valentine's day treats because we aren't going any where tomorrow!
We went to the steep part of our road and Jake was really hoping the card board box would work. 
It did....
...But only a little bit.  Tomorrow we are going to try it on a steeper (and it will be more covered with snow and ice)  hill.  The one Aaron used to sled on when he was a kid.  We live in the the same neighborhood that he grew up in.  That is kind of an awesome thing. :)
Sadie love every second of being outside.  Aaron was standing on the porch while Jake was trying to sled, so she ran back and forth between us.
Sadie is technically on a leash but no one is holding it...On a snow day that is also okay to do because: 1.) hardly anyone was on the road, and 2.) certain laws are different on snow days...maybe...

And then I finally just took it off because, really how could you refuse a sweet face like this? 
And then when she does this she really melts your heart.  Penny (our dog-in-law), who is usually a very photogenic dog, would not hold still.  I think she was ready to call it a day.  Plus she has longer hair which meant more ice (I felt her pain being a long haired girl myself) and she isn't as crazy as Sadie.

 We thawed out with some hot chocolate...
 ...And a fire.  Aaron wore his slippers (they have soles) out to get the wood and accidentally stepped off the path into the snow.  He is drying them by the fire. :)
 We are ending the day by watching the Bobcats game and my bookworm is reading while watching.  He finished all but just a few pages of a 300+ page book yesterday and is on to book two of the series today. 
And here I am blogging by the fire and the Bobcats pregame.  I am going to warm up some leftover spaghetti and call it a day. 

Day 3 of Snowmageddon will start with me sleeping in...Another rule for snow days when you know the night before your husband won't have to get up and go to work because the roads will be iced over. 

Three cheers for Snow days!!!