Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Ward Pinewood Derby

 At church our Cub Scout Pack is pretty small so we had a Ward Pinewood Derby. Anyone who wanted to could make and enter a car. We were out of town in NH/VT for the first two weeks of the year and when we got back we were playing catch up on a lot of the Thursday before the Derby (Sat evening) Aaron went over to Papa Harmon's to cut the cars out (Jake had archery) and Jake painted his on Friday. Aaron decided to just lacquer his. I choose not too because I just didn't want too.

                                  There ended up being 35 cars! This isn't all of them obviously...

(I am adding no more words, besides these, to this post that I never finished but just really want to post so I can get caught up...and I am post dating this a random date...)