Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HIS, Gravatopia, & Trader Joe's

 Last week was HIS Co-op's picture day...

                                                        Minus three families I think.
                                  Drawing class...minus a student from one of the missing families!

               Recess at Gravatopia, in the dodge ball room! We are going to be doing this more often!
 They have a homeschooling day (discount and during school hours so it is not crowded at all!) every Thursday. It is in Greenville, so it won't be an every week thing...but maybe an every month thing.
 We met some friends there and they had a blast. It is really hard to get a clear picture of people throwing balls on trampolines!

 I wonder if this is the moment Jake tweaked his back. He and Aaron had a competition that whoever could run a mile in the least amount of time would pay for them to go see Star Wars one more time in the theater. Jake thought his back was a little sore from that..and when he left Gravatopia it was really sore. He couldn't even go to archery that night. Turns out his friend Nicholas hurt something too and couldn't go either. We went last night to pick up Jake's archery t-shirt and sweatshirt (we thought we could make up having missed Thursday night-they meet 3 nights a week and you go to a certain night-but they were scoring so we will just go on Tuesday) and one of the coaches said no Gravatopia until after the Regional meet next week! Hahaha!
We took advantage of being in Greenville and I ran by the Learning Center (a homeschooling consignment store) because I needed to grab a teachers book for Government and I when I went to pay for it I found out I had a $32 credit for some curriculum I had brought in that sold! Score!
We also ran by Trader Joe's (a kind crunchy granola health food store) and I scored sprouted bread and baked blue tortilla chips-both of which on are plan! Oh wait...I haven't even posted about the plan yet. I am doing the Trim Healthy Mama plan-cutting out all sugar (replacing it with Stevia-a natural sugar substitute that doesn't effect your blood sugar) and all white flour (replacing it with more blood sugar friendly flours like: almond, coconut, and flax meal) and starchy things. I am in a group with some friends and I am excited about it! At my yearly Dr appointment I was down 10 pounds from the last time I weighed myself which was back in the late summer. I had gained weight between then and early winter, so I started about 20 pounds lower than I thought I would be! I am not going to weigh myself for a while. I am looking for non-scale victories for a while (sleeping better, feeling better, clothes fitting better or getting too big). Baby steps!