Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I have no excuse for my neglect of our family memories. February 9th and it is the first post of the year?...Sad. And not entirely true. I spent some time in January posting pictures with a few words attached to try to finish the last quarter of last year. I uploaded, mindlessly added enough words to make it seem legit, backdated, and posted...and repeated it over and over again. Pitiful. I am the keeper of the memories and I am failing miserably. I would fire myself if I could but no one else will do it and once upon a time I enjoyed it! This year I will get back to enjoying it. I will add words. They will be more than an after thought. I am starting again. The passion that turned into a hobby, that turned into a burden, has come full circle. I am back...Famous last words? Not this time...

This random picture is of my computer at the library. I was killing time (typing this post...but now I am adding this part) while Jake is having a book club and discussing The Taming of The Shrew. It is a group of homeschooled high schoolers who meet. No parents leading it. Just kids who like to read classics. Pure awesomeness. As we were leaving I got this text from my friend Jeanne (the mom of one of Jake's best friends, Ethan...the top two are from an old message. The bottom two are the ones I am referencing):
 Today was the homeschool skate from 2-4. We usually go, but book club fell on the same day this month, so we were only going to be there for the last hour. When we got there and Jake got his skates and sat down to put them on and everyone came off the rink and surrounded him. One of the mom's that is kind of new to our little crew said, "I guess the party starts when Jake gets here!" There is nothing better than having a strong circle of  good Christian friends for your child! I would have taken pictures of them skating but I only had an hour to hang out with my good Christian homeschooling mama friends!