Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jake's Going to be a Great Husband: Example #1

Last week Mom and I went to Costco and ran a few errands (Jake stayed home and worked on some school). When we got home Mom came in for a few minutes as we brought in groceries. I noticed that Jake greeted us and then disappeared down the hall. He has learned over the years that when people come over and our bedrooms aren't clean (laundry is always the issue. Aaron thinks we should get rid of our dressers and just get more laundry baskets...he may be on to something...), I always close the doors. That way if someone needs to use the bathroom they won't get a view of our messes from the hallway. On this particular day, he went down the hall, with out me even mentioning it, and closed the doors. You are welcome Jake's future wife.

 And on an entirely different topic: I started this gallery wall shortly after we moved in to this house a year in a half ago and still have yet to finish this wall...or paint it with the gallon of paint I got back the end of the summer or early fall.