Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Good Times...

Aaron plays basketball just about every Wednesday night at church after youth activities are over.  Not every Wednesday, but a lot of them, they follow it up with The Waffle House.  I told Aaron he had to text me a picture of tonight because this is the last night that one of Aaron's really good buddies will be there.  The guy sitting next to him, Michael, has spent countless hours chatting about whatever guys chat about their with Aaron.  They have spent a lot of time at the Waffle House!  So much so that when Aaron lost his finger but still went to the Waffle House and they gave him a free waffle. It has been a great tradition for Aaron and his crew.  It will still carry on but it will never be the same!!!

 Michael and his wonderful wife Michele (with one "l" just like my middle name), are moving tomorrow and we are selfishly wishing they weren't moving!  But they are headed to live near family and then on to school.  We are happy for them and thanks to social media we will keep in touch.

...and here is one more memory of hanging out with them.  We were party animals playing headbandz!...Good times....good memories!  Travel safe friends.