Saturday, April 11, 2015

Aaron is my hero.

 We spent Saturday (March 28th....I thought I posted this but I guess I just saved it!) morning cleaning out the laundry room, which had become the catch all storage area.  It is off the carport (not in the house) so I have been nervous that I would walk in and finding a critter in there.  Especially since we junked it up and gave them lots of places to hid.  I have been jamming a towel under the door so that it made it harder for anything to get in...
 We moved the washer and dryer and found tons of mouse poop.  We also found a stash of acorn shells (just the shell-they had been eaten) under the dryer.  When we moved in there was a gross rug that for some reason we never took out-but it is gone now and it is pretty obvious that mice have been residing there for years.

I don't like mice.  They are gross and dirty and for some reason they scare me.  I also don't like mice because snakes eat mice.  So if mice are residing in my laundry room a snake may decide to visit...Well the chance of that happening now has increased substantially because Aaron is awesome.  After we emptied it and swept and cleaned it I went to the movies with my mom and Aunt Sheila to see Cinderella (which is very good by the way) and Aaron dropped Jake off at his friend Ethan's birthday party (they went to CiCi's pizza, the movie to see Home and then back to Ethan's house where I picked Jake up at almost 10 that evening.  It was another sleepover).  While we were gone he built a threshold.

This was the old threshold.  I just tucked in under the door....

                                    It is nice being married to my own personal super hero.