Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Home: The Play school / Homeschool Room.

How lucky are we to have this amazing space to learn and play? Just ignore the fact that I took the pictures in its natural state. In other words: I didn't take the time to pick up all our stuff and this is a really good day.  There are usually Legos covering the floor.

I really could have moved the Cheezits box...Just pretend you are playing I Spy.  Can you find the Cheezits box, Bag for Caesars costume, and a chair that could have easily been pushed in? :)
 Don't you love the curtain that I tacked up?  It will eventually get hung up on a rod.

 This is where the magic happens.  We have brought back the plastic table clothe that we can write on and put our Foundations Memory Work for each week under.