Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Home: Living Room, Laundry Room, 3/4's Bath, and Backyard

Those aren't my curtains (the homeowner left them) but they work!  That is the side door that we use all the time.  The front door actually goes into the playroom.  This room is bigger and has a bathroom off of it so guests can use it and we can keep the one on the back hall all to ourselves..which makes the germaphob in me happy.  No our friends and family aren't gross or dirty.  I just don't like to share my bathroom.  If you know me, this is not news to you. :)
The joys of homeschooling: you don't have to get dressed unless you know you are leaving the house. :)
Ignore the boxes and such that still haven't found a home and are living underneath my beloved buffet I inherited from Mom and Dad's downsize and then painted and distressed.  I have a project I can't wait to start that I am going to hang above it...
I love having our stuff back...Welcome home White Birch candle holders that Grampa Smith made for me.  You look so pretty on our cocoa table. :)
The living room leads to laundry room, which leads to the backyard...which is where Sadie wanted to be rather than inside.
I will have to update the laundry room when I get it organized....The owners left the dryer in it but I wanted to use ours...back to that germaphob problem I have.   Aaron is going move the extra one into the shed at some point.  Are you wondering where the washing machine is?  Old house charm! It is in the kitchen. :)
The shelves and cabinets in it are amazing!!!!  I have already started this organizational project-since I took these pic's I mean. 
The best shot I could get of the backyard in the 20 secs I was outside.
Back in the living room and right by the door to the laundry room is what is supposed to be the guest bathroom that we currently have to shower in.  We have to fix the shower in the bigger bathroom and I am hoping that will get checked off the honey do list soon!!!  The people we are renting from didn't realize it wasn't working...When I went to clean it when we moved in the nozzle fell off into the shower it was so rusted on the inside. 
Next is Jake's room!