Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm alive...

...But we still don't have Internet! So I am back to blogging "part time". :) We do have TV because apparently we can't live without it (we don't even watch a ton of TV but what we do watch we we have a contract with Dish Network that had been on hold well over the allotted time it was supposed to be on hold..Ten months to be exact)!  We don't have a microwave either.  You don't know what you've got 'til its gone.  It is hard to eat leftover spaghetti without a microwave, but we are surviving.  I am at the library right now and I can't wait to make a quick check on all my favorite blogs to see how you are all doing.  This is a little of what we have been doing the past month and a half:

Celebrating Christmas while Jake had the flu and I had a respiratory infection.

 Enjoying a sweet dog that showed up at Nana & Papa's house for a few days.  I hope that her old owners found her or someone adopted her from the pound....

Celebrating Rere's 15th birthday.  Watch out SC residents this girls has her permit and is hitting the road!!!
 Unpacking....(more pictures of the new house soon...)
...a ton of boxes...and we still aren't done....
 Going to NH to visit the Powell's and the new baby that decided to wait until we got there to come.  Tina prego and heading to what would be her last Dr's appointment before....(More on our NH trip later)
 Braeden (that isn't how you spell his name but I can't remember how they spell it...) is finally here!  Welcome to the world little guy!  (More adorable baby pic's coming soon....)
 Making snow angels in NH.
 Playing Ninja Tag, Lego's, and a million other things with cousins.
 Sledding in NH.  (I am specifying NH so one thinks we actually have snow in SC)
 Homeschooling in our homeschooling/playroom...
 Watching Jake's Triops grow.  See the big one up close to the top of the water.  There were 6 that started from eggs but it seems the big guy ate all of them but 1...Sadie ate the food that came with them so we had to head to the pet store for more.  That isn't why the big guy ate them but I just had to write that so we can remember it and laugh in 20 years. :)
 Enjoying our new space...
 Frying things like Oreo's while watching the Super Bowl.
 Painting like Michelangelo did in our homeschooling co-op.  (More on homeschooling coming soon...)
 And here we are at the library right now.
I have about a zillion other pictures to some day come back and blog about.  For now I am good with a quick update to remind me of all the memories we have been making.  Now I am on to see what you are all up to!