Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jake's Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

Our 21 day vacation was awesome! I am not going in order of events to say the least...In the process of trying to document our vacation memories I am also going to try to keep up with my usual, normal, every day, life ramblings! I was just going through the millions of pictures and decided to start with: Abraham Lincoln. That is right we fulfilled Jake's lifelong dream of seeing the Lincoln Memorial. It was so fun and well worth the long, almost 9 year wait! :) But the word of the day was: HOT. Yes, HOT. I think Wednesday August 4, 2010 will hear by be known as: The day I realized our next sight seeing trip in DC will be in the dead of winter, Day. I know the title of the new holiday is long but you will see exactly what I mean when you look at our pictures. In most of them we are dripping with sweat and trying to show enthusiasm. When what we actually wanted to do was go and jump in the big pond in between the Lincoln Memorial and the World War 2 Memorial (What is that called again? The reflection pool?) ! But other than the HOT temperatures we got to see a lot and it was amazing to explore our wonderful countries Capitol! Here are just a few (20 something....) pictures of our day.

The Metro! We were already dripping sweat by this point. We walked something like a mile and a half to get there. The metro is pretty interesting place to people watch...One of the Metro employees came out of his air conditioned station to volunteer to take a picture of all of us. He deserves an award for being nice enough to leave AC.
Skip ahead several minutes and miles later and we were on our way to see President Lincoln. We saw the Washington Monument on the way.

Then we stopped by the World War 2 Memorial which was very impressive.
I loved this view...

I considered swimming here but thought better of it...

Guess what that is in the back ground??? The Lincoln Memorial! Almost there!!!

We stopped and ate our lunch at on the mall and made some friends.

Yes, this little ducky really did eat it right out of my hand.

And here is Jake for some reason imitating a chicken...You would think he would being acting like a duck...But no he went with chicken...I wonder what goes on in that head of his...

We made it...

Sitting down to take it all in...

Me and Jake

Tina and all her kiddos.

I love that he took his hat off. He was probably doing it because he was hot, but I am pretending it was to show respect. :)

The boys found and interesting way down.

I love this picture. Cousins rock...

Nee requested a picture of the grand kids from oldest to youngest. This works right?

The long list of men and women who died in the Vietnam War.

We thought we would take crayons and paper and do a rubbing at the Vietnam War Memorial and have a really inspirational moment as we thought of those brave men and women who died serving their country...

It didn't work...This happened...And the moment was gone...But it was still awesome. Not sure why I thought 250 degree weather and black granite would be a great life changing experience...But it is an amazing place to remember who we have to thank for our freedoms.

Ben was a trooper! He just hung out in the stroller all day and never complained!
Jake was the map man all day.

That is the White House way in the background...It required too much energy and was too hot to get any closer. At this point Tina was on the way back to the Metro with her boys, while Anika, Jake, and I were headed to the Air and Space Museum. Can you believe they were still posing for me at this point?
The Capitol Building....

Sadly I don't remember what this building was...But it's pretty don't you think? And no it didn't rain. Anika was using it as girl.

Jake touching a moon rock at the Air and Space Museum.

Anika touching the moon rock too... It was very smooth. Not at all what I thought it would be.

Okay this one is obviously out of order...Interesting sculpture on the way to the Museum...It seemed sort of out of place.

The Wright Brothers Plane and a bench! I don't know which one I was happier to see!
As you can see, we saw tons of amazing things and had a great day. I have a bout a million more pictures from that day but I decided to spare you. Here is one more picture for Nee and Papa! This was when we got there...maybe...or when we were leaving...Don't know really. But aren't they cute?