Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How the first day of school changes when you get to the 4th grade....

And it changes people! As I hit the 1st of 3 alarms on my cell phone to go off this morning (yes I said 3...I know myself and I am paranoid. I have had bad dreams about missing tests, not finding my locker, and forgetting what classes I had for a week now...I am not a huge fan of going back to school) ,I thought...WHY?!! I love school supply shopping. I love the you need new shoes and WHAT?!! Your feet grew a WHOLE size and a half? (seriously from size 1 to 2 1/2-yes Jake has oddly small feet)-HOW have you been wearing those sneakers??? I love the meet the teacher-Jake's regular teacher and AIG teacher seem AWESOME!!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for that prayer I needed answered BIG TIME! But the going to school part? I am not a fan. I don't tell Jake that of course. I do the cheer leading for school, but he does know I would keep him home with me if I could. What can I say I really like him?! Why does some random stranger get to spend so much time with my child while I wait anxiously at home to see how his day was? But anyway...Yippeee! First day of school!!! :)

So, here is how it goes when you are starting the 4th grade:

4th grade:"AHHHH! Why do they send the same sheets home every year to sign? I will finish them today dude and you can bring them tomorrow."
Years past: Neatly filled out and in the backpack the night before. Now don't worry too much they aren't due until Friday. I am not that much of a slacker...At this rate though, next year I will probably be running in the school with my PJ's on Friday after forgetting to put them in Jake's bag!

4th grade: "What are you going to wear? I don't think you have to wear khaki pants buddy it is still hot out and that is pretty dressy...Your cargo shorts will look awesome with your polo shirt! I just ironed them and they are laying on my bed-now run and get dressed while I try to fill out at least some of these forms! We only have 5 minutes until we have to leave!!!"
Years past: "Please Jake will you wear this outfit? It matches perfectly! I washed and ironed it last week so it would be perfect."

4th grade: "Ahhhh!!! It is 8:15 dude! You should have been in bed 45 minutes ago! Why did we decide at 6:48 it would be an awesome idea to make collage covers for your 2 (last minute run to the store to get) binders (after meet the teacher when I realized we forgot to get those 2 things off the supply list)!!!! By the way where is your clipboard from last year? We forgot to put that in your backpack too!!!!"
Years Past: Two weeks before school starts we start the going to bed early routine to prepare. Not too mention I have already called the school to find out what time his lunch and snack would be in order to get you on that schedule...

Wow...Times have changed. In a good way? Not so much...Or maybe it is a good thing. I am definitely less stressed now! (Believe it or not!)

One more thing that has changed: Picture taking! We really had no time for posing this morning. This is as good as it gets folks:

Breakfast: No pancakes or any other special breakfast? Nope we are down to the last little bit of milk-there isn't enough to make pancakes...(Notice the cut up magazine pictures from the collages we made last night...)

Hurry turn around and smile quick-but not a fake smile! Well that was only sort of fake-Perfect!
I can't forget the traditional picture of the backpack shot-but don't stop walking we don't have time! Blurry but it works!

The "hold the picture up while driving and shoot" shot. Jake asked if he looked dead in it because that was the look he was going for.
See "the blues" (dark cirlces) he has...I feel horrible but I just had to eek out a few more minutes of Jake time before I could let him go to bed...He will go to bed extra early today....
Oh yeah! We always take a picture together...We will have to take a picture of you and Daddy when he gets home. That will still count, right?
He wanted me too just drop him off but at the last minute changed his mind and wanted me to walk him to the door (good thing I put on a bra!). He also wanted me to give him a hug in the kiss just in the car....Sniff, sniff: picture a little piece of my heart breaking off, never to grow back...I did talk him into a quick picture at school...AND he wanted me to hold his hand as we walked up to the school. He also gave me another hug and kiss in front of the school and I didn't even ask for it. :) My heart is healed-but I did leave most of it there at school as I watched him walk into school....

I just hope his first few minutes with out me were better than mine. THIS IS 100% TRUE (unfortunately)-I PROMISE! While driving home in complete silence (No Jake in the background explaining what super powers he would have if he could choose) and feeling a little melancholy setting in I saw a black and white blur out of the corner of my eye. A CAT A FULL SPEED RUNNING INTO THE ROAD! I slam on my breaks while screaming at the top of my lungs. Luckily I didn't get rear ended and the cat made it! Phew! While trying to calm my heart beating in my throat, 5 seconds later I see a tiny red blur out of the corner of my eye...A small thud and a check in the rear view mirror let me know I just hit and killed a sweet little Cardinal. REALLY????!!! PLEASE let Jake be having a better morning than me!!!! AND I got home only to realize in our rush I forgot to lock the door. I hate that!! Now I am going to have to check every inch of the house to make sure no one is here! Oh, never mind. One look and a thief would turn around thinking someone had already bet him to it based on the wreck before him! It is probably a good thing it is a mess otherwise I would crawl back into bed and dream of homeschooling Jake! And yes I do dream of homeschooling him!!!! Some day....