Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 5 results and Where the Wild Things Aren't

I am back on track and lost 5 pounds last week! My total is 10 pounds lost and I am done a size in jeans. Nice feeling....

...By the way don't waste your money and see "Where the Wild Things Are". It was Jake's favorite book when he was little and I had it memorized! I was soooo excited to hear they were making it into a movie...until I saw it. This movie is really not kid friendly and not what I think of when I think of the book at all. It was a big bummer. Jake was bored out of his mind, said it kind of scared him (he had seen all all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies and they didn't scare him. I think this was more of a creepy, why are they doing that, kind of scared) , and he didn't get it. Frankly I didn't get it. I did really, but I didn't like it. The wild things were different personality traits that Max had in himself....Still didn't like it. And the ending was HORRIBLE! As Jake said after the movie "well there goes 2 hours we can never get back!". Where he gets his sense of humor, I do not know. :)