Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Powell Family: Part of what you missed of the Lego Cousin Club on our side of the screen...

On Friday we tried to have our first official "Lego Cousin Club" with the Powell's via Google chat or one other thing I can't remember the name of right now because it is to late to think to hard...Neither worked.  Long story short: we could see them but they couldn't see us....

So, Powell's, here is a little of what you missed and what we saw on our side of the screen.

 Jake was all set up and ready to show his cousins all the mini robots and the "mech" that could be transformed to work with the 4 original Ninjago Ninja's.

Jake was his normal adorable and psyched  self.  Love that we found a tough shirt for him.  That is what Aaron called red and navy blue shirts when he was a little boy. :)

 He had a whole army of mini robots. 

They even had clever names.  I think the guy with the black ball head was "bomb's away"  and he is a "swapable".  He can change the bottom part of himself out with another swapable to create a new robot.  The robot's name would then change to half it's original name and half the name of the robot he got a part from.
 And here is Ben explaining his very impressive, made right on the spot, awesome robot!  Great job Ben! :)

Saku I am soooooo sorrrrrry to tell you that the pictures I snapped of your robot minis and vehicles, with awesome (...what are those things that go on trucks that you pull stuff mind has gone blank?!?!) towing capacity came out blurry.  They were very awesome! The fact that they pictures were blurry just remind me how you are always moving at top speed. :)

Sam your robotic vehicle is so coooool!  Jake is anxiously awaiting the time in his Robotic Engineering class that he gets to build something that is actually robotic.  They had to learn all about cams, and structure, and axles before they can break out the battery pack.  And for some reason I can't get these words to go next to your your picture is under the words!  Not sure why it does that...
That is what you missed on our end (and now the words are beside the picture and that is where they will stay!...).  I would say Jake could show you his stuff at the next Lego Cousins Club meeting, but I am sure a good deal of them are no longer together. Lego's are rearranged on a daily basis in our house. You remember the awesome set ya'll chipped in with Nee and Papa to get Jake a couple of years ago (a medievalish set with 2 buildings)? The blacksmith shop is still built, but the inside has currently been changed into a science lab. :)

 When is the next club meeting and what is our theme?  You guys pick this time. :)