Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This is...

It has been another month and I am back!...again...after I said I was back...last month. But any way! Back to the catching up! I realized after I was typing a while that I was saying "this is" a lot.  The fact that you are reading this statement means I am not going to change it. This is me not caring that I am being repetitive!  (You see what I did there? Hehehe...)

This is pretty random and I am not really sure when a lot of this happened...
This happened when I made shredded beef in the crockpot, which we had eaten for a couple of meals and then had just enough left to make mini Shepard's pie.

This is Jake posing with his photo that was on display at the library.
This is Jake doing school by kerosene lamp when the power went out.

This is a game night with some homeschooling friends.  We formed a group that is called, "Just a Bunch of Friends" and we meet once a month for an activity.  We just planned one and had it at the church.  The kids ran around and played in the gym while the mom's talked.  I have some pictures from the Halloween party we had with this group and I will post them..some time soon!

This is Jake looking in a microscope at co-op.
This is a few pictures of the yummy food I made for us while we were watching General Conference...there is another picture that I may have uploaded out of order...
These are pictures from when we went to our friends, the Grinders, house for dinner and a game night.
This is when Dad, Aunt Sheila, and I went to Greenville (two days after the debate in October) and saw the candidates in a different format (one at a time being asked questions). It was pretty cool! We were glad that Donald Trump backed out at the last minute so we didn't have to listen to him. I am not a fan...
This is more of the food we ate during General Conference.  Bread bowls (from Panera Bread) filled with homemade beef stew.
This is a collage of picture of the cinnamon rolls I made. It is the first time in a few years I have made homemade cinnamon rolls, so if felt like it needed to be documented.
This is a random picture of Jake drinking hot chocolate and reading.

This is Jake sleeping in the car...I think this was after our field trip to the Rosehill Plantation. It makes for a long day when you have to wake up every morning at 5:30 to be at Seminary (a class at church before school for high schoolers. They are studying the Old Testament this year) by 6!
This is Sadie being needy and Jake indulging her...he was probably supposed to be doing school.

That was all she needed and yes Jake was supposed to be doing school.
Aaron went to Dallas for a long weekend to see his cousin married and sealed in Dallas Temple. He sent a picture of the temple and a picture of him with a couple of his cousins...which I can't find at the moment but I will post it when I find it!
This is drawing class at co-op.
This is Bio lab at co-op.
This is how Sadie felt about her new bed the first day.
School.  Jake was staying super hydrated that day.  Notice his "water bottle"

This is him randomly eating lunch with his water bottle.
This is Sadie watching a squirrel while she was deciding if she like her new bed.

This is Sadie after she gave in and decided to lay on it...

..and trying different positions...
This is Sadie deciding she does like it. :)