Friday, March 1, 2013

Brain Declutter: Good things and Stupid people

*I take a lot less pictures when I am not blogging.  That is not a good thing.  Memories are slipping through my fingers with out so much as a click of my little Canon Power Shot.  Not good.  I need to work on that.  I mean I still take a ton of pictures...just not as much as before.  Maybe that is a good things...

*As of yesterday:  Jake is officially 11 1/2.  I am old and 1/2.  I am skipping my birthday this year again.  I will remain 36 until next year and then I will turn 38.  So, I am not really skipping it.  I am just skipping 37.  I dislike the number 37 even more than I disliked 35.

*After running errands the other day I stopped by Little Caesar's to pick up a $5 pizza for dinner.  The girl behind the counter meant to type in $5.40 but some how hit $.50 when she was running my debit card.  She apologized and said she would have to swipe it again for the remainder.  She reached for the calculator...Yep.  She reached for a calculator and started punching in numbers...taking much longer than it should have...So, I said, "It is $4.90."....Pause.  Doesn't even look up. No response.  Click click on the calculator some more...and then she finally swipes the card again for $4.90.  WOW....Just wow. 

*We got a microwave. :)We have a air popper but sometimes we just want the convenience of microwave popcorn.  And leftovers taste so much better warmed up.  Not to mention if it is 3:30 and I haven't even thought of taking something out of the freezer for dinner, the microwave is a life saver.  Life is good in the hood with a microwave. :)

*I am loving the new phrase I keep hearing when I watch the news: "low information voters".  That is a really nice way of saying stupid people.  People that actually believe the things that the President says when he speaks with out doing any research to find out if it is the truth or a lie.  Sequestration. 2013- Obama says it is a horrible idea and the world is yet again coming to an end as we know it today because of the Republicans. Rewind... August 2, 2011:he signed it and praised it.  But all the "low imformation voters" listen to is Obama  now.  Stupid people.  Thank you for being idiots.  Also, I, once and for all, want to say: Obama is not our first black President.  Did he get none of his DNA from his mother?!?  He is our first bi-racial president-which by the way-is still pretty monumental.  I just had to say that because it bugs me just a little bit. 

*I miss having the internet much less than I thought I would. (We are at the library) I am sure once we have it again I will love it but right now using the internet means weeding through 100+  emails a couple times a week and realizing that I am deleting probably around 92% of them....with out even opening them I know I can just delete them.  I was also completely addicted to Pinterest when I had access to it everyday...a couple times a day...Now I don't even miss it now.  That is a good thing.  Am I going to go right now and check it out?  Yes.  Will I waste tons of time pinning every other thing I see.  Not so much.  That is progress people.